Team Otori, Team Hiragi,
Otori Itsuki & Hiragi Tsubasa
Released August 05, 2015
Produced by NBCUniversal Entertainment
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「Second STAGE」

☆☆Eien★STAGE☆☆ is the first drama CD released for the Star-Myu anime. The CD contains ☆☆forever★STAGE☆☆ performed by Team Otori and was used as the ending theme for episode 12 and insert song for episode 14. There is also a solo version performed by Hoshitani Yuta.

Tracklisting Edit

  1. ☆☆forever★STAGE☆☆ (☆☆永遠★STAGE☆☆ ☆☆Eien★Sutēji☆☆?)
  2. ☆☆forever★STAGE☆☆(Hoshitani Solo Version) (☆☆永遠★STAGE☆☆ (星谷ソロバージョン) ☆☆Eien★Sutēji☆☆(Hoshitani Soro Bājon)?)
  3. Prologue: "Kao Council" (プロローグ:『華桜館にて』 Purorōgu: “Hana Zakura-kan Nite”?)
  4. Act 1: "Year 1 Class A" (第1幕:『1年A組にて』 Dai 1-Maku: “1-Nen A-Gumi Nite”?)
  5. Act 2: "Year 1 Class B" (第2幕:『1年B組にて』 Dai 2-Maku: “1-Nen B-Gumi Nite”?)
  6. Act 3: "Year 1 Class C" (第3幕:『1年C組にて』 Dai 3-Maku: “1-Nen C-Gumi Nite”?)
  7. Cast Free Talk (キャストフリートーク Kyasutofurītōku?)

Drama CDEdit


Prologue『Kao Council』
Act 1『Year 1 Class A』

I am Hoshitani Yuta. It was in the autumn of my second year of middle school when I was worrying about which high school to attend. However, at the Ayanagi Academy festival, I had my fateful encounter! Even though I say "encounter," I was only watching it alone. On an empty stage, a high schooler was dancing in the middle of the sparkling rain. I don't know his face or his name. I aspired to be like him and wanting to get into the same school, I studied my hardest! And this Spring, or rather yesterday, I entered Ayanagi Academy. Even when that was such a great thing...
[In class]
Nayuki: Ho-Hoshitani-kun, calm down...
Hoshitani: I can't calm down! Nayuki, we've passed the Musical Department audition!
Nayuki: A-Ah, anyway, sit down. Everyone is looking at you...
Hoshitani: Oh, you're right. But why are you so frightened?
Nayuki: I said it earlier didn't I? I have extreme stage fright and I'm bad at standing out.
Hoshitani: It's amazing that you would try to enter this school.
Nayuki: Ha... I think that too.
Hoshitani: Haha, but we've passed the auditions! It might've been a miracle or luck, but still I'm happy!
Nayuki: Y-yeah! Me too! I'm actually... really happy!
Hoshitani: Nayuki!
Nayuki: Hoshitani-kun!
[Murmurs and stares from the class]
Hoshitani: Ah, maybe that caught too much attention...
Nayuki: ...Haha....
Hoshitani: Sorry for surprising you all!
[Everyone continues what they were doing]
Both: Whew....
Nayuki: But I really can't believe it. I was totally frightened during the auditions and thought that I wouldn't pass!
Hoshitani: I thought that I was a goner too.
Nayuki: Even so, why did we pass? And we didn't just pass, we made it into a Star Team! We get to be mentored by a senpai from the Kao Council! I'm starting to feel dizzy...
Hoshitani: Nayuki, are you okay?!
Nayuki: Y-yeah.
Hoshitani: Oh right! On the noticeboard outside with all our names , it said "Team Otori" next to it right? Is Otori the one who chose to mentor us?
Nayuki: That's right. He's called Otori Itsuki-senpai. Did you know, the Kao Council usually consists of four members, but Otori-senpai entered as the newly established fifth member! Isn't he great?
Hoshitani: Heh... we get to learn under him. I want to quickly meet Otori-senpai! I can't wait for practice to start!
Nayuki: Don't you feel anxious? At all?
Hoshitani: Why would I? I passed the Musical Department auditions, so I'm happy!
Nayuki: Hoshitani-kun, that's just like you.
Hoshitani: Eh? Really? I'm also excited to meet the other members.
Nayuki: Other members? You mean from Team Otori?
Hoshitani: Yeah! Do you know what kind of people they are? I hardly know any of them.
Nayuki: Um, you know Tengenji-kun right? We are in the same class.
Hoshitani: Ah, "the noble of the kabuki world"... was it?
Nayuki: Yeah. There's also Tsukigami-kun and... Kuga-kun? Both of them are in the neighbouring B class. I've never met Kuga-kun but I went to the same middle school as Tsukigami-kun.
Hoshitani: Ah, then you're acquaintances?
Nayuki: No, Tsukigami-kun is on a totally different level from me. Tsukigami-kun was famous in our school and would probably not know about me.
Hoshitani: So it would be our first meeting together. I barely talked with Tengenji yesterday.
Nayuki: That's right.
Hoshitani: Ah! Then for the sake of our friendship, lets have a congratulatory party with the five of us!
Nayuki: Eh? A congratulatory party?
Hoshitani: For passing the audition! For example, eating dinner somewhere after school! There's still a week to go before the first practice, and so it'd be nice to get to know each other like teammates before then.
Nayuki: That's a good idea, but...
Hoshitani: You're not interested?
Nayuki: No, that's not it. It's just, suddenly having a party is a bit... I'd get really nervous....
Hoshitani: Haha, Nayuki you're too anxious!
Nayuki: Sorry....
Hoshitani: Then, how about this? After we have our first practice, let's all eat together.
Nayuki: Yeah, I'd be less nervous that way.
Hoshitani: Then it's decided!
Nayuki: Yeah! Ah, we need to ask the others too.
Hoshitani: Right. Eh, Tengenji... [Looks around] isn't here yet?
[Doors open]
Nayuki: Ah, there he is!
Hoshitani: Tengenji!!!
Tengenji: Oh it's you again, you boor. How many times do I have to tell you to stop being so familiar with m-
Reporter: Tengenji-kun! We're from the Public Relations department!
Tengenji: Again....
[Camera shutters]
Reporter: Congratulations on passing the auditions! Can I have an interview with you? A word about your enthusiasm for Musical Department?
Tengenji: Uh, I have practice now!
[Runs off]
Reporter: Tengenji-kun! Wait!
[Runs after Tengenji]
Hoshitani: Oh, he ran away...
Nayuki: Tengenji-kun has been constantly chased by the Public Relations department since yesterday. It must be hard being famous.
Hoshitani: What a shame... I wanted to talk to him and get along better. Oh well, I can approach him during break times!
Nayuki: Hoshitani-kun. you're really positive aren't you?
Hoshitani: Huh?
Nayuki: [Giggles] As I thought, that's just like you.

Act 2『Year 1 Class B』
Act 3『Year 1 Class C』


☆☆forever★STAGE☆☆ [1]Edit



Notes Edit

  • ☆☆forever★STAGE☆☆
    • Performer: Team Otori
  • ☆☆forever★STAGE☆☆(Hoshitani Solo Version)
    • Performer: Hoshitani Yuta (CV: Hanae Natsuki)
  • Prologue: "Kao Council"
    • Cast: Otori Itsuki (CV: Suwabe Junichi) & Hiragi Tsubasa (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke)
  • Act 1: "Year 1 Class A"
    • Cast: Hoshitani Yuta (CV: Hanae Natsuki), Nayuki Toru (CV: Ono Kensho), Tengenji Kakeru (CV: Hosoya Yoshimasa), Public Relations Department (CV: Murata Taishi)
  • Act 2: "Year 1 Class B"
    • Cast: Tsukigami Kaito (CV: Lounsbery Arthur), Tengenji Kakeru (CV: Hosoya Yoshimasa), Kuga Shu (CV: Maeno Tomoaki), Public Relations Department (CV: Murata Taishi)
  • Act 3: "Year 1 Class C
    • Cast: Tatsumi Rui (CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko), Sawatari Eigo (CV: Uchida Yuuma), Inumine Seishiro (CV: Okitsu Kazuyuki), Toraishi Izumi (CV: KENN), Ugawa Akira (CV: Matsuoka Yoshitsugu)

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