「StarMyu」Drama CD Melancholy BOX
Hoshitani Yuta, Tsukigami Kaito, Kuga Shu, Tatsumi Rui, Sawatari Eigo, Toraishi Izumi, Otori Itsuki, Hiragi Tsubasa & Akatsuki Kyoji
Released 27 March 2017
Produced by NBCUniversal Entertainment
Featured Order
preceded by
Osananajimi Melancholy 2
followed by

「StarMyu」Drama CD Melancholy BOX is a compilation of StarMyu drama CDs which was released in previous Sylph issues. This box also includes an additional bonus track featuring Otori Itsuki and Hiragi Tsubasa.

Tracklisting Edit

  1. Childhood Friend Melancholy ~Kuga & Toraishi Chapter~ (幼なじみメランコリー ~空閑&虎石編~)
  2. Childhood Friend Melancholy ~Tatsumi & Sawatari Chapter~ (幼なじみメランコリー ~辰己&申渡編~)
  3. Childhood Friend Melancholy ~Hiragi & Otori Chapter~ (幼なじみメランコリー ~柊&鳳編~)

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