S2 e02 Ancient

The Ancient (アンシエント, Anshiento) is a term referring to the previous Kao Council members that have graduated from Ayanagi Gakuen. Each year, a batch closely related to the Kao Council members starring in the current musical will return to coach the 2nd year musical department students until summer, before the actual rehearsal starts for the 《Graduation Concert》Musical『Shadow&Lights』.

Members Edit

Tsukigami Haruto

月皇 遥斗

Uozumi Asaki

魚住 朝喜

Saotome Ritsu

早乙女 律

Futaba Taiga

双葉 大我

List of SongsEdit

  • We are Ayanagi Academy's Kao Council ~Ancient Ver.~ (我ら、綾薙学園華桜会 ~アンシエント Ver.~ Warera, Ayanagi Gakuen Kao Kai ~Anshiento Ver.~?)

Gallery Edit

Performance Costumes

Trivia Edit

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