Aokita Ren is the official SD artist for Star-Myu and is in charge of most of the super deformed artwork.

4-koma Comic and End Cards Edit

First Broadcast
Second Broadcast
Third Broadcast
aka. 'AYANAGI Seasons Battle Series'
Fourth Broadcast

Icon Collection Edit

Main SD ver.
Tanabata Festival ver.

AYANAGI Series Edit

AYANAGI Animal Park Series
AYANAGI Easter Series
AYANAGI Factory Series
AYANAGI Float Series
AYANAGI Musical Series
AYANAGI Off shot Series
AYANAGI Performance Series
AYANAGI Rainy Season Series
AYANAGI Star Cards Series
aka. 'Star Cards party 2016-2017 in Animate'
AYANAGI Summer Series

Miscellaneous Edit

Twitter Birthday Cards 'Cake' Theme
Twitter Birthday Cards 'Constellation' Theme
Bocchi-kun ver.
Dance Lesson ver.
Halloween 2016
Main SD ver.
Stage ver.
Animate Tokuten for Season 2 BD/DVD

External LinksEdit

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