Season 1 SutaMyu Volume 3
Released Date 24 February 2016
Acts Act 5 & Act 6
Featured Order
preceded by
Season 1 SutaMyu Volume 2
followed by
Season 1 SutaMyu Volume 4

Video SpecialsEdit

  • End Card ~Kuga & Tatsumi Ver.~
  • ☆SHOW TIME 5☆CM Team Otori & Team Hiragi
  • ☆SHOW TIME 6☆CM Team Otori & Team Hiragi
  • Musical Part 「Ayanagi Showtime」
  • Musical Part 「Ayanagi Showtime ~Otori Ver.~」
  • Musical Part 「Quintet ~Quintet~」

Limited Edition Specials Edit

Special CD1

  • Original Soundtrack Vol.1(Total 2 Volumes)
    • ※Vol.2 will be in the Blu-ray & DVD of Volume 4
    • Each Volume has 25 songs (About 60 minutes)
    • Recordings for Audition Animation will be released later.

Special CD2

  • Recorded Drama「Sutamyu in Health Check-up」 and 「Kuga Shu」+ Insert songs 「Ayanagi Showtime」「Ayanagi Showtime ~Otori Ver.~」「Quintet ~Quintet~」
  • Inner Jacket Illustrations done by Watanabe Asami, Character Designer
  • Harada Sayaka's newly written 「Kuga Shu's & Toraishi Izumi's Talk」, Aokitaren's 4 panel comic on the recording in the Special Booklet
  • 2 Post Cards (ED Illustrations Kuga Shu & Tatsumi Rui)

Gallery Edit


CM Edit

Special Drama CDEdit

  1. Recorded Drama「Star-Myu in Health Check-up」
    • Cast: Tsukigami Kaito (CV: Lounsbery Arthur), Tengenji Kakeru (CV: Hosoya Yoshimasa), Kuga Shu (CV: Maeno Tomoaki), Toraishi Izumi (CV: KENN)
  2. Recorded Drama「Kuga Shu」
    • Cast: Tsukigami Kaito (CV: Lounsbery Arthur), Kuga Shu (CV: Maeno Tomoaki), Toraishi Izumi (CV: KENN)
  3. Cast Free Talk


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