Season 2 SutaMyu Volume 3
Released Date 23 August 2017
Acts Act 5 & Act 6
Featured Order
preceded by
Season 2 SutaMyu Volume 2
followed by
Season 2 SutaMyu Volume 4

Video Specials Edit

  • Eyecatcher (Act 5/Act 6)
Tengenji & Tsukigami Ver. / Inumine & Ugawa Ver.
  • ☆2nd SHOW TIME 5☆CM
Hoshitani X Tsukigami X Uozumi & Ancient
  • ☆2nd SHOW TIME 6☆CM
Previous・Kao Council & Akatsuki X Yuzuriha X Sazanami
  • Musical Part (Act 5/Act 6)
「straightforward」「WONDERFUL WONDER!」

Limited Edition Specials Edit

  • 3 Sides and Inner Jacket Illustrations
  • Bonus CD
Recorded Drama 「Starmyu in Periodic Examinations・University Studies」/「Otori Itsuki」
Original Size Insert Song 「straightforward」「WONDERFUL WONDER!」
  • Special Booklet
Harada Sayaka Scribbles 「Previous・Kao Council Round-Table Discussion」
Aokitaren 4 Panel Comic Included
  • 2 Postcards (ED Card Illustrations)
Tsukigami Kaito X Sawatari Eigo
Akatsuki Kyoji X Yuzuriha Christian Lion X Sazanami Sakuya

Gallery Edit

CM Edit

Special Drama CDEdit

  1. Recorded Drama「Star-Myu in 定期試験・大学生編」
    • Cast: to be updated.
  2. Recorded Drama「Otori Itsuki」
    • Cast: to be updated.
  3. Cast Free Talk


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