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Starmyu Radio

SutaMyu Radio~Mezase! Radio Star~ (スタミュラジオ〜目指せ!ラジオスター〜) is a radio program that is delivered biweekly on Wednesday from Onsen (音泉). Hosted by Lounsbery Arthur, the seiyuu of Tsukigami Kaito, the radio program started its first show on 26 August 2015. The final episode was on 10 February 2016.

Season 2

The second season of the web radio, SutaMyu (Season 2) Web Radio ~AYANAGI Star RADIO~ (スタミュ(第2期)webラジオ ~AYANAGI Star RADIO~) has been announced. Hosted by Lounsbery Arthur once again, it will begin on 4 April 2017, every Tuesday.

Radio CD Edit

Recordings of the radio program are also released into 2 CDs.

Radio CD
Radio CD「SutaMyu Radio~Mezase! Radio Star~」
Sutamyu Radio ~Mezase! Radio Star~
27 January 2016
Episodes 1-10
Special recording with Suwabe Junichi (Otori Itsuki) and Hirakawa Daisuke (Hiragi Tsubasa)
Radio CD「SutaMyu Radio~Mezase! Radio Star~」 Vol.2
Sutamyu Radio ~Mezase! Radio Star~ Vol2
30 March 2016
Episode 11
Special recording with Maeno Tomoaki (Kuga Shu) and KENN (Toraishi Izumi)
DJCD「SutaMyu (Season 2) Web Radio ~AYANAGI star RADIO~」
31 May 2017
Special Epsiode
Special recording with Shimazaki Nobunaga (Ageha Riku) and Takanashi Kengo (Hachiya So)
Radio CD「SutaMyu (Season 2) Web Radio ~AYANAGI star RADIO~」
11 August 2017
Epsiodes 1-12
Special recording with Maeno Tomoaki (Kuga Shu)

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Season 1
Season 2

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